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7 Best Hotshots Web Series in Hindi to watch in June 2020

7 Best Hotshots Web Series to stream in June 2020

Hotshots is one of the leading platform to deliver entertainment contents. They specialise in 18+ contents in the different genre including drama, thriller and suspense. Today lets Check Out the seven best Hotshots web series to watch during June 2020.

1. Agent Mona 0.1

Agent Mona 0.1

Plot: An international terrorist is planning for a huge attack in India. Intelligence officer Mona sets out to hunt him down. With her skills and personal strength, she takes on him. Can she finish off things as planned?

Instinct Cast: Pooja Joshi, Hiral Radadiya, Vikram Singh, Rajesh

Watch Instinct Web Series Online

2. Instinct

Instinct Web Series

Plot: The story is about the life of twin sisters who shifted to Mumbai. In a mysterious circumstance, one sister goes missing. The other sister finds totally strange things happening to her. Will she be able to find her sister in the new city?

Instinct Cast: Priyanka Upadhyay, Gaurav Singh

Watch Instinct Web Series Online

3. Intercourse 2

Intercourse 2 Hotshots Web Series

Plot: The story is about two roommate girls who are in two poles about their love life. One is in a happy life with an amazing boyfriend, but the other girl is single. To hide her loneliness, the single girl w=awaits a date on social media. Things take a different turn than she expected.

Intercourse 2 Cast: Pooja Joshi, Aswini, Veer, Dilip, Naagaraj, Rohit

Watch Intercourse 2 Web Series Online

4. Double Trouble

Watch Double Trouble Web Series

Plot: The story is about a manager who falls for almost all the girls in his office. He finds a dark secret of two female staffs in his office. He decides to take advantage of the opportunity. Can he succeed in his plan or will the girls turn smarter than him?

Double Trouble Cast: Akanksha Sharma, Aritaa Paul, Dev Rathor

Watch Double Trouble Web Series Online

5. Sparsh

Sparsh Hotshots web series

Plot: The issues in married life has almost brought life to a standstill. Husband’s brother comes in as good support and solves major issues in the house. But is this yet another wrong turn?

Sparsh Cast: Aritaa Paul, Tanya Chandra, Kunal Gill

Sparsh Web Series Online


Hunger Web Series

Plot: The unsatisfied wife sets off a new journey fed up of the relationship. She takes all possible routes to find her love. Can she find the love of her life?

Hunger Cast: Soumya Singh, Vishal

Watch Hunger Web Series Online

7. The Typewriter

The Typewriter

Plot: A writer Maya is preparing for her next novel and her wildest dreams come true. She dreams about a few events which will boost up the plot in her script. Strangers enter her life and things take a different turn.

The Typewriter Cast: Nehal Vadoliya, Shikha Sinha and Prince

Watch The Typewriter Web Series Online

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