Kerala has been affected by various natural and man-made disasters and the community has stepped up to overcome it quickly and is widely known as the ‘God’s Own Country’. ‘Virus’ directed by Ashiq Abu also comes with a serious viral disease called ‘Nipah fever’ caused by fruit bats and the struggle to the survival of 3 crore+ people to life is discussed in the movie. Nipah took almost 17 lives and also of a nurse who was treating the infected patients, who still remain as a sad memory among the masses.

Reasons to watch Ashiq Abu’s movie ‘Virus’:

Real life incidents

    Major USP of Ashiq Abu’s movie ‘Virus’ is the actual event of ‘Nipah virus’ outbreak in Kerala which didn’t have any vaccine and the whole events which shook Kerala. More than a movie, Ashiq Abu’s movie ‘Virus’ is more of a tribute to the people who fought hard and even lost their lives in the effort to contain the virus.

The script of Muhsin Perari

     With a track record of a blockbuster like ‘Sudani from Nigeria’ which was co-written by him, Muhsin joined Ashiq Abu for the movie ‘Virus’. Muhsin came up with the story as he personally experienced how the Emergency medical team responded to the virus as his cousin was the doctor leading them. Real life touching scripts and movies done by Muhsin brings in more expectation for this movie too.

Stellar Cast & Cinematography

         From Tovino Thomas to Kunjakko Bobban to Asif Ali much of the youth stars in Malayalam movies have been lined up in this socially committed movie. Female stars include Parvathy Thiruvothu, Rima Kallingal, Madonna Sebastian, Poornima Indrajith etc.

         Cinematography seems brilliant from the trailers released and is headed by Rajeev Ravi and also has the talented who has proved his skill with the massive hit ‘Traffic’. Every frame in the trailer seems so crafted that, it will be a brilliant theatre experience. 

Superhit Director

          Ashiq Abu is on the roll with the blockbuster hit of ‘Mayanadi; which is regarded as one of the best hits in the industry. He has always stayed in front with movies which expresses something relevant for the society and when he captains this movie its no difference. Ashiq Abu’s movie ‘Virus’ is greatly anticipated on how he will treat the movie as his previous experiments were applauded apart from that of the movie ‘Gangster’.

Music by Sushin Shyam

           Since his entry in 2014 Sushin has enthralled the movie audience with his lovely background scores and songs. Ashiq Abu’s movie ‘Virus’ too has the background scores set by Sushin and the songs too will be composed by this youngster who never fails to enchant us.

   Theatres will witness the biggest fight ever, which the Government, Medical team and the people of Kerala fought together and contained the deadly virus. Ashiq Abu’s movie ‘Virus’will hit the screens on June 7th 2019.


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