In the digitally engulfed world, a person can become viral with a few seconds video like that of Priya Varrier. Recent national crush is a girl, Deepika Ghose who rose to fame as the cameraman focussed her during the recent RCB match and she got instant fame. Almost 1.70 Lakhs followers have followed her in just a day’s time and the followers are soaring up. The video of her dancing and another video of her waving the RCB flag got a tremendous response and is expressing her happiness for the unexpected fame she grabbed.

There are non-stop memes trending which boosts her beauty and attitude. Deepika Ghose is a professional model and has done photo shoots for various textile brands. With the recently found fame, she may be grabbed by many more brands and her career may be ready for a new journey. Meanwhile, multiple fake Instagram accounts are seen with the similar name of Deepika to grab in the fans who are in search of her account. Hopefully, with this kind of fame, Deepika’s fans expect her to cross 1 Million on Instagram within few days time.


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