actress Malavika Satheesan

Malavika Satheesan is an actress who works in the Telugu movie industry hailing from Kerala. She was applauded for the stellar performance in ‘Ala’ movie and was recently spotted during an IPL match. Netizens were going crazy to find who she is as the stadium screens were filled with her face for some time. Modelling and various portfolio photoshoots paved way for Malavika to enter the movie industry and is all set to make a grand comeback. She is a badminton player and has played at district levels and has high expectations for the future.

She also gained wider acclaim with her lovely act in a cover song, Kaugillalo which garnered more than 1 Million views on YouTube. With regular appearances in various fashion issues of newspapers to splendid photoshoots, Malavika Satheeshan is always in the hotspot Malavika is currently awaiting the release of her next movie by July 2019. Hopefully, this will boost up her career and expecting to see an exciting on-screen experience in the new movie.


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