IPL girl Aditi Hundia

Yet another day of the IPL and another girl has caught the attention and what a  day it could be, the grand IPL final of 2019. Aditi Hundia quickly became viral over the social media during the Mumbai vs Chennai match and was trending over multiple social media pages of Instagram. Aditi Hundia is actually a professional model to have won multiple fashion titles and was crowned the “Miss Supranational India” in 2018. She is very popular in various fashion events and has always been grabbing the eyes with her style and elegance.

Aditi Hundia is also a fashion blogger who has a good fan base and is slowly evolving as an Instagram influencer. She has been part of various ads and videos which were well accepted by the audience. In less than 16 hours her Instagram has been amazingly growing from around 60K to 95K and will increase as time passes. Aditi dreams of buying a private jet and as she is more popular now, she may be seen in some movies too. Hope this will have a great boost for her career.


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