Vinayakan was one of the most down-rated actor for years, now he has risen beyond limits with Kammattipadam, Aadu 2 etc. He will enact the role of Karinthandan, the man who showed  the path to the outside world, for the people of Wayanad. The film will be directed by  Leela Santhosh, who is the first tribal woman director of Malayalam industry.
He is reportedly a  tribal man who discovered the path to Wayanad from the outside world through the Ghats during 1700 – 1750 AD. He was  rumored to be murdered by a Britishman, to avail the award ordered by the viceroy who helped in discovering area to build a water holding facility .
According to villagers, his soul used to frighten passengers who used the path and  people decided to seal off his soul to a huge banyan tree called the  Changala Maram. Movie is expected to be  yet another hit from the State award winning actor.


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