The film has been with generating huge hype and has released today. Vedikkettu cast has Bibin George, Vishnu Unnikrishnan. It has been released in more than 1000+ screens worldwide

Positive Points

  1. The screenplay turns out to be the biggest highlight.
  2. Performance of Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Bibin George looks splendid.
  3. Action scenes deserve special applause for the intensity.
  4. BGM by Alphons Joseph elevates the whole mood especially in fight scenes.
  5. Ratheesh Ram brings in immersive frames specially during fight sequences.

Negative Points

  1. Storyline seems to be the summary of what we saw in multiple films

Final Rating

The film brings in the local stoy of clashes amidst love and drama. Vedikkettu movie rating is 2.5 / 5.


Directors: Bibin George & Vishnu Unnikrishnan

Release Date: 3 February 2023

Language: Malayalam


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