Twenties is an English comedy series. It has Christina Elmore, Jonica T. Gibbs, Gabrielle Graham etc in the lead roles. The series is streaming online on BET since 4 March 2020.

Twenties Series Story

The plot revolves around an amazing woman, Hattie and her passion to make her dreams true. She sets out on a journey with a couple of close straight friends. They try to achieve the dreams but can they accomplish facing challenges?

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Twenties Series Cast

  • Madeleine Byrne
  • Sophina Brown
  • Christina Elmore
  • Jonica T. Gibbs
  • Ashli Haynes
  • Sheria Irving
  • Gabrielle Graham
  • Alex Akpobome

Twenties Series Release Date:

4 March 2020 (BET)

Twenties Series Trailer


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