Sonu Tane Mara Par Bharoso Nai Ke is a Gujarati language movie. The movie release date is 19 May 2022. It includes Kamini Panchal, Malhar Thakar in the cast.


The plot revolves around the youngster and his family. With funny events happening around, can he solve the small issues in life?

Sonu Tane Mara Par Bharoso Nai Ke Cast

Malhar Thakar
  • Malhar Thakar
  • Nijal Modi
  • Kamini Panchal
  • Ragi Jani
  • Kamini Gagdekar
  • Nilesh Pandya
  • Meghana Solanki
  • Jayesh More
  • RJ Hiren Barot
  • Vasant Parmar
  • Vasudev Makwana
  • Satish Bhatt
  • Paurav Shah
  • Dolly Trivedi
  • Paresh Bhatt
  • Bansi Rajput
  • Shaunak Pandya
  • Rajpal Vaghela,
  • Ila Panchlothia
  • Prashant Panchlothia

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Language: Gujarati
Release Date: 19 May 2022



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