The movie brings back a youth based movie by director Lal Jose. Solomante Theneechakal cast has Joju George, Darsana Sudarshan, Vincy Aloshious etc. This film releases in more than 1000+ screens worldwide. The film is also called Solamante Theneechakal.

Positive Points

  1. Biggest positive is the powerful police role of Joju George
  2. Lovely performance of Darsana Sudarshan as traffic police officer was convincing
  3. The combination scenes of Darsana Sudarshan and Vincy Aloshious were funny and engaging.
  4. Romantic moments of Darshana S. Nair were played in a convincing manner.
  5. A lovely cast of young and vibrant actors made it enjoyable.
  6. The BGM at the thrilling moments elevated the whole mood.

Negative Points

  1. The movie got a bit too lengthy at times. A crisp editing would have made it a great watch.

Final Rating

The movie has funny, romantic and thrilling moments. It shifts from a simple story to a thrilling set of events. Solomante Theneechakal movie rating is 3.25 / 5.


  • Darsana Sudarshan
  • Vincy Aloshious
  • Joju George
  • Shambhu Menon
  • Addis Antony Akkara

Director: Lal Jose

Writer: P G Prageesh

Music: Vidya Sagar

Lyrics: Vinayak Sasikumar & Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma

Executive Producers: Dr. Iqbal Kuttipuram, Mohanan Nambiar

DOP: Ajmal Sabu

Editor: Ranjan Abraham

Banner: L J Films

Release Date: 18 August 2022

Language: Malayalam


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