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Rajnandini Paul: Actress | Age, Bio, Family, Height, Images and More

Actress Rajnandini Paul

Discover the captivating journey of Rajnandini Paul, an emerging talent who shines in the vibrant Bengali film and television industry. Uncover her noteworthy career, personal insights, and more.

A Shining Debut

Rajnandini Paul, a luminous name in the Bengali entertainment realm, stepped into the limelight through her debut in the Bengali film “Madan Mitra.” This marked the beginning of her remarkable journey.

Actress Rajnandini Paul

On-Screen Triumphs

With a string of successful projects, Rajnandini Paul quickly rose to prominence. Her lead role in the 2016 Bengali film “Probahini” solidified her as a force to be reckoned with. Subsequently, she graced the television series “Paanch Phoron” in 2019, followed by her first short film “Payesh” in 2021. Adding to her achievements, she also starred in the web series “Mr. Kolketa.”

An Active Portfolio

Over the years, Rajnandini Paul has embraced diverse roles across 11 projects, spanning movies, web series, television, and short films. Her dynamic range as an actress is evident through her versatile performances.

Personal Charisma

Beyond her on-screen triumphs, Rajnandini’s personal life adds to her charm. Born on July 6, 1999, in West Bengal, she is the daughter of Janardan Paul and Indrani Dutta. A sister named Kaushiki Paik completes her family circle. Standing at 162 centimeters tall and weighing 54 kg, she possesses an arresting presence. Her captivating black eyes and hair enhance her magnetic aura.

Actress Rajnandini Paul

A Journey Unfolded

At 24 years old, Rajnandini Paul has already amassed a significant following of 53.8K on Instagram. Her acting prowess has captivated audiences, leaving them enamored with her performances. With a remarkable talent and dedication, she continues to captivate hearts and leave an indelible mark on Bengali cinema.

  • Oh! Lovely
  • Chhaad The Terrace
  • Ogo Bidesini
  • The Terrace
  • Lockdown
  • Asur
  • Uronchondi
  • Ek Je Chhilo Raja
  • Probahini
  • Madan Mitra
Short Film
  • Payesh
Web Series
TV Shows
  • Nokol Heere
  • Turu Love
  • Paanch Phoron

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