Proximity Movie Story

Proximity Movie is an English Sci-Fi drama series. The plot revolves around a young NASA researcher who is kidnapped by the aliens. None including his close ones try to believe the fact and a shocking truth finds a way to him.

The major cast of Proximity Movie series has Ryan Masson, Nomi Abadi, Mark Toguchi etc in the lead roles.

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Proximity Movie Cast

Christian Prentice as Zed

Highdee Kuan as Sara

Ryan Masson as Isaac

Don Scribner as Carl

Nomi Abadi as Girlfriend

Michael Faulkner as Lab Supervisor

Zelia Scott as Anchorwoman

Tyler Derench  as Markus

Sarah Navratil as Christine

Ben Sullivan as Agent Brax Kerry

Mauri Montebello Perez as Sean Turner

Mark Toguchi as Government Agent

Proximity Movie Runtime

  • 115 Minutes

Proximity Movie Director

  • Eric Demeusy

Proximity Movie Writers

  • Jason Mitcheltree
  • Eric Demeusy

Proximity Movie producers

  • Andrea Dondanville
  • Kyle McIntyre
  • Eric Demeusy

Proximity Movie Release Date

  • 15 May 2020 (Instrum International)

Proximity Movie (Alternate Names)

  • Proximity Movie
  • Proximity Movie (2020)

Proximity Movie Trailer


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