Obsession web series from Nuefliks

Obsession is an Indian web series from Nuefliks. The Hindi language web series will release by October 2020. It is available Nuefliks website and official app to watch online. The web series belongs to the thriller genre.

Obsession Web Series Story (Nuefliks)

The plot revolves around a small gangster group. Things a different turn and two girls also enter into the racket. They decide to climb up the ladder and become powerful. The life of the two women changes forever and can they reach their target?


Obsession web series cast includes Anmol, Neha Patil in the lead. The major stars have given their best performances and look brilliant on screen. Major bold actresses and actors across India were auditioned to be part of the Web Series.

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Obsession web series cast (Nuefliks)

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