Mystic Pop-up Bar is a Korean fantasy drama series. It has Jeong-eum Hwang, Sung-Jae Yook, Choi Wonyoung etc in the lead roles. The series is streaming online on NETFLIX since 20 May 2020.

Mystic Pop-up Bar Series Story

The plot revolves around a youngster with amazing skills. He starts working for a bar owner famous for decades. With his skills, he enters the dreams of the customers and finds a solution for all the emotional troubles.

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Mystic Pop-up Bar Series Cast

  • Ha Na Park
  • Mi-kyung Kim
  • Sung-Jae Yook
  • Jeong-eum Hwang

Mystic Pop-up Bar Series Release Date:

20 May 2020 (NETFLIX)

Mystic Pop-up Bar Series Trailer


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