Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria Celebrity Breakup

Nach Baliye 9 couple, Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria end their relationship. She confirms the incident and opens up about it.

Love has been the best and strongest feeling ever. At times the relationship takes a bad turn. Now the same case has happened with Nach Baliye 9 couple Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria. The shows most loved couple dancers Muskaan and Faisal finally broke up and it’s shocking. Rumours about the issues in their relations used to come regularly. Even the fans didn’t expect them to end the relation so quickly.

Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria

Muskaan in a recent interview opened up about the breakup. “Yes, Faisal and I have broken up.””I am not in a position to talk any further. When I am a bit emotionally stable, I will speak to you.” She confirmed that they broke up right after Naach Baliye 9. “The break up happened after Nach Baliye 9”. She is back home after the breakup and spent two weeks to move out of the situation. Faisal hasn’t said anything about the breakup.

Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria breakup

During their relationship, Faisal has said how it all started. “Muskaan didn’t know who I was and it made things more comfortable between us. She was looking for a mobile charger, and I offered mine. That’s how we got talking. We met regularly and found out there is a chemistry between us.”

Faisal Khan and Muskaan Kataria

Every breakup news is sad and tough to accept. This time it happened quickly and is shocking for Faisal and Muskaan’s fans.


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