Mango TV app

he Indian OTT space has been growing since the last few years. Mango TV app is entering with a bunch of bold web series and shows. They will be providing exclusive bold content to the subscribers and making entry with a bang. It will be releasing two web series on 11 November as part of the launch.

Mango TV App launches on 11 November in the OTT space

The team will have popular Indian models who became hit through social media. The exclusive videos of models and interaction with subscribers are the major plus. With a huge set of models coming up in Mango TV, it will be a great competition at OTT space.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the web series and videos. Since the past few days, they have been making the launch news viral. Let’s wait and watch how well the new app, Mango TV will perform and impress the viewers.


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