Mail is a Telugu language movie on Aha Video. The movie release date is 4 June 2021. It has Anusha Netha, Gouri Priya Reddy in the cast.


The plot revolves around a youngster in a village. A mail changes his life forever. Things take a new turn in his life. Will he be able to upgrade his life in every way?

Mail Cast

  • Yennengee as Mechanic Shakeel
  • Ravinder Bommakanti as Shivanna
  • Anusha Netha as Girija
  • Priyadarshi Pulikonda as Hybath
  • Harshith Malgireddy as Ravi
  • Mani Aegurla as Subbu
  • Gouri Priya Reddy as Roja
  • Srikanth Palle
  • Vannarn

Director: Uday Gurrala
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Comedy
Language: Telugu
Release Date: 4 June 2021


Yet to be released


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