I Deal Friendship is a Hindi Web Series produced by Primeflix Entertainments. The plot revolves around a murder and characters which surround the scenario with lots of confusion and mystery. The major cast of I Deal Friendship includes Ansh Gupta, Agni Pawar, Nazia Mirza, Mahesh Rajput etc. The web series is directed by Suyash Chhabra & Rishi Raj Arya.


It is an Ankush Desai murder mystery. His best friend Kush is charged with the murder. He’s been addicted to drugs for a long time. The police question him to find out the truth behind it. Kush tries to explain how he is not guilty and Ankush was killed by a ghost. Now, the question is how Kush will prove his innocence, why the law needs evidence and how he can prove the existence of ghosts himself when you can’t see them.

I Deal Friendship is all about friendship, trust, love, romance, sex, drama, drugs and ghosts. A hint of confusion makes this web series a perfect mix of entertainment.

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I Deal Friendship Cast and Crew:

  • Agni Pawar
  • Nazia Mirza
  • Mahesh Rajput
  • Dheeraj Nagar
  • Ansh Gupta

I Deal Friendship Image Gallery

Primeflix has been released multiple hit web series. Lovely stories with emotions and hot content make the web series and short films viral.

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