High Fidelity is an English comedy-drama series. It has Jake Lacy, Zoë Kravitz, David H. Holmes etc in the lead roles. The series is streaming online on HULU since 14 February 2020.

High Fidelity Series Story

The plot revolves around a music record store owner and her relationship. She remembers and tries to relive her past romance through pop culture. Will she be able to get over her true love?

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High Fidelity Series Cast

  • Elizabeth Samantha Billan
  • Nadine Malouf
  • Rainbow Francks
  • Jake Lacy
  • Kyoko Takenaka
  • Zoë Kravitz

High Fidelity Series Release Date:

14 February 2020 (HULU)

High Fidelity Series Trailer


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