Darling Prabhas

Prabhas is well known as Darling Prabhas is now a Pan India star. His star power grew beyond limits after the Baahubali series and then came multi-lingual movie ‘Saaho’.So whenever he is publically visible, people gather around asking about his marriage. Today Prabhas celebrates his birthday and looks dashing even at the age of 40.

Ever since Prabhas and Anushka were seen in Baahubali, fans always wanted to have them in real life as couples. They kept on clearing the facts but the speculations never ended. Let’s dive into a few details of Prabhas which are not much known.


Facts lesser known about Prabhas:

1. Real name & Family:

The real name of Prabhas is Venkata Satyanarayana Prabhas Raju Uppalapati. Born as a Chennaite to the couple Suryanarayana Raju and Siva Kumari. He has two brothers and is the nephew of veteran actor Uppalapati Krishnam Raju. Actually uncle of Prabhas had the title tag of Rebel star due to his ferocious acting and later Prabhas got it.

2.Loved Movies & Actors

Bhakta Kannappa starring his uncle Krishnam Raju, released in 1976 is his favourite movie. He also loves the crafts of director Rajkumar Hirani and has watched Munna Bhai MBBS and 3 Idiots more than a dozen times. almost 20 times. Favorite Hollywood actor of Prabhas

is Robert De Niro.

3. Record Milestones

Total growth of Prabhas was skyrocketed with Baahubali movies. Baahubali 2 alone grossed Rs 1000 million in 10 days worldwide. Prabhas is the very first Indian star to have a huge record of Rs 1500 crores Box Office collection. His star power is so huge that Saaho makers were ready to spend 350 crores on its making with Prabhas in the lead.

4. Workouts & Fitness for roles

From usual looks of Darling Prabhas, he had to change a lot for Baahubali. So, to put on weight he followed a veg diet to gather in 20kgs of pure muscle. He followed it strictly and once a month he was offered to eat his favourite biryani.

5. Prabhas was at the 6th spot of GQ Magazine’s Most Influential Youth list. The whole of the credit goes to Baahubali and its makers for making him a very common role all around India and across the globe.



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