The 'Neena' fame Deepti Sati opens up about her film journey

Deepti Sati has been into different movie industries and is back with a Prithviraj film. We are witnessing a dancer in Deepti Sati and is getting viral on the Internet.

Actress Deepti Sati sexy look

Deepti Sati has captured the heart of the audience with the movie ‘Neena’.
But after the movie, she wasn’t seen in much movies and she stood out with the acting and style which stood out. She is finally back with the Prithviraj starrer movie ‘Driving License’ and the film will be directed by Lal Jr.

Actress Deepti Sati hot

“The role is of Prithviraj’s wife and doesn’t speak much and has long hair unline that in ‘Neena’. Currently, the first schedule is finished and the second schedule got delayed due to the floods.” She expressed her joy of coming back to the movie industry in the main role after ‘Pullikkaran Staara’ with Mammootty. After Neena, I wasn’t getting very good projects in Malayalam but got a few good offers from Kannada, Tamil and Marathi. I never wanted to restrict myself to a language and love to learn languages so committed to those films.”

Actress Deepti Sati hot look

Recently her dance videos are setting the Internet on fire and are well applauded. “I am a trained dancer and haven’t got such aa role to perform it. Whenever I am in Mumbai, I go for one dance workshop or the other, ranging from hip hop, ballroom etc and with the growth of Social media, it is easy to share.” She loves to be part of Malayalam films from the heart as she started from the language in movies. “Now am confident enough to dub for the role and Driving license doesn’t have too lengthy dialogues, so it’s a bit easier.”


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