BB House Day 30 9:45 PM

Shehnaaz asks Rashami about her show, Dil Se Dil Tak, and asks her name? Rashami says I was Shorvari, used to cry for a baby and then my husband could not have a child. Shehnaaz says you didn’t have babies at the show? Siddharth Shukla hears all this and leaves. Rashami says we have another girl who gave us a baby and things got messy. Shehnaaz says, but you two can become friends, we can stay like we’re home. Rashami says I’m not fighting with him. Shehnaaz says you both look interesting, people want to see you together, you look cute together.

Arti tells Siddharth S that Devoleena was saying that I follow you except Asim and Shehnaaz. Siddharth S says I used to call Asim my legalist. Arti says that Devoleena was surprised that Asim supported me in the task of roses, so I told her that Asim had trust issues with Shehnaaz. Shukla says don’t talk like that because they can provoke Shehnaaz, Shehnaaz doesn’t have much brain, doesn’t argue much with Devoleena, she acts like she’s nowhere, she thinks she’s right.

BB House Day 31 12:15 AM

Bigg Boss tells housemates that we have a surprise, an inmate will be eliminated now. Let’s say 7 safe names, these housemates are Rashami, Paras, Shefali, Siddharth S, Asim, Devoleena and Shehnaaz. He asks Arti, Mahira and Siddharth D to come to the activity area. They hug everyone and leave. Shukla asks Arti not to worry. Siddharth D says I will, I’m sure. Bigg Boss says the decision is hidden behind the ice, press the bell at 1. Everyone presses the bell and their ice plates light up.

Arti’s card says “safe”. Bigg Boss says you are safe. She returns home. Shehnaaz and Shukla hug her. Bigg Boss Mahira and Siddharth D are in danger, you can say what you want. Mahira says this show means a lot to me, I made great friends. Siddharth D says I just mean not to come down so low to the game, others are great here. They press the doorbell again and Mahira is safe. Bigg Boss tells Mahira she is safe to be able to return. Mahira hugs Siddharth D and says: be careful, pray that I will find her next year, she will leave. Bigg Boss says that Siddharth D didn’t get enough votes to be able to leave the house and be eliminated.

BB House Day 31 1:15 AM

Mahira returns home. Paras and Devoleena hug her. Paras says you’re hot. Rashami goes to the camera and cries, she says that Siddharth D was like a brother, I will miss you, please be careful.

BB House Day 31 1:30 AM

Bigg Boss tells housemates that the voting lines are open again. Mahira asks everyone to vote for her.

Devoleena says Bigg Boss scared us in the middle of the night. Shehnaaz says we have to do something, something is happening in the heart.

BB House Day 31 8 AM

The prisoners wake up to the beautiful larki song. They all dance and have fun.

BB House Day 31 10:30 AM

Shehnaaz tells Arti that Paras shines as if he wears the mask all the time, he sleeps as if praying. Arti says they sleep in peace. Shehnaaz says I care not to touch him. Arti says you should be careful before she leaves. Arti asks Siddharth S why aren’t you talking to her? She can do whatever she wants, stay as you are with her.

Mahira gets there, so Shehnaaz plays Paras and sings funny. Rashami says Mahira doesn’t like her name to be linked. Shehnaaz tells Rashami that I didn’t poke her.

BB House Day 31 1 PM

Mahira asks Paras to tell her not to join my conversations. Paras says I’ll be careful. Mahira says I should worry, people are right that I should play my game. Paras says it’s fine, you do what you want. Mahira says you do what you want. Paras says I can’t stop her from anything. Mahira says don’t try to fool me. Shehnaaz hears Paras and Mahira fighting, she says it happened because of me. Arti says to leave. Mahira tells Paras not to create a scene, I’m doing a lot, I need my space. For leaves.

BB House Day 31 4:45 PM

The housemates see photos of Karishma in the garden. The music plays and Karishma Tanna enters the house. She hugs Rashami and everyone. Bigg Boss welcomes Karishma. Karishma reads an assignment she is dictating, I will choose two guards who will secure a necklace to my statue that is placed in the garden. Other prisoners will be my workers and will follow my orders, but you must keep trying to get this necklace, anyone who gets it can throw out the guard and become a premium guard, at the end of the task, whoever the guards will become winners and you can get luxury budget items. Karishma says I choose my old friends Siddharth S and Rashami to keep my necklace.

BB House Day 31 5 PM

Shehnaaz tells Karishma that his enemy was my favourite in Season 8, he was very cute. Karishma says all the girls liked him. Shehnaaz says he is your friend now? Karishma says yes, everyone becomes friends after the show. Mahira tries to get the necklace. Arti tries to get the necklace, but Siddharth hugs the statue. Arti breaks the necklace by mistake. Later they receive the new necklace. Siddharth S and Rashami try to protect you. So take it and take it away. Later, Arti gets the necklace. Karishma asks Paras to do a pole dance for her, he says Siddharth is good at it. She says no, you will.

Paras does a pole dance when Devoleena sings. Then Siddharth begins to dance pill. He dances with Shehnaaz and everyone chirps with his seductive movements. Rashami laughs. Karishma asks Arti to create a theme for her. Karishma asks Rashami to massage his hand. She tells her not to name people who don’t argue with you. Karishma asks Asim and Siddharth S to do pushups, they do. Karishma says my guards are strong.

BB House Day 31 3 PM

Arti sings a Tanna song with all the girls. Karishma claps her hands and says well. Siddharth S hugs his statue. Mahira gets there and plays. Siddharth S jokes that she is touching my chest, this is wrong.

BB House Day 31 6 PM

Asim and Siddharth S are protecting the necklace. Mahira and Shehnaaz tries to catch him. Karishma asks Paras to try too. Shefali says they are pushing others away. Asim says don’t touch me, Shefali says I was just trying to tickle you. Asim says I’m protecting myself. Shefali says don’t be angry. Karishma looks.

BB House Day 31 6:15 PM

Rashami says they are hugging the statue. Devoleena silently approaches the statue and grabs the necklace before Asim and Shukla can react. She says I get it and dance around. Paras laughs at Shukla and Asim. Shukla says how did this happen? Devoleena takes Shukla’s place. Arti and Shukla try to get the necklace. Karishma says don’t break, just take it. Devoleena says they will break like this, they are pulling. Karishma says you should take the necklace with you.

Shukla understands and breaks. Karishma says you should steal it, not break it. Devoleena says I stole in silence. Bigg boss says the time for this task is over. Bigg Boss asks Karishma to announce who won. Asim says I was there from the beginning of the task. Karishma says that, according to me, Devoleena and Siddharth were the winners. Bigg Boss says you can leave Karishma. Karishma asks them not to create a mess in the tasks, play their game, she hugs them and leaves.

BB House Day 31 8:30 PM

Shefali reads the instructions that Siddharth and Devoleena have overcome the task so that they have a chance to buy at the BB supermarket, buy together and cannot choose more than 10 items and less than 5 KG only, they can use these items and not others.

Devoleena and Shukla come to the market and buy some things. She picks up some items for halwa. They weigh things. Bigg Boss says you have 2 minutes, so hurry up. They count and weigh things and leave on time. All prisoners verify the things they have received. Devoleena takes her coffee and hides it in her bag. Devoleena comes to Arti and makes her drink her coffee. Arti says I wanted to. Devoleena leaves her coffee there, so Arti drinks some more.

BB House Day 31 9:30 PM

Bigg Boss tells Devoleena that sharing is caring, but if there’s a rule and you don’t follow it, it’s no use, why did you hide it if you wanted to share it? Devoleena says I’m sorry. Bigg Boss says that as punishment you will return the coffee. Devoleena says please don’t drink coffee. Paras says you shared it with another team and that’s why it’s happening to you. Devoleena puts her coffee back in the pantry and acts like she’s crying.

BB House Day 31 9:45 PM

Bigg Boss asks housemates to choose two housemates for prison and those who do not deserve to attend the show. Shukla tells Asim that we’ll take the name Devoleena and Shefali because she talked about someone’s character. Mahira tells Paras that we will take the name Arti and Asim. Devoleena says to take the name of Shukla, he was also annoying in the task. Mahira says she was commenting as if I was touching her chest and all. Asim tells Shehnaaz to take Shefali’s name.


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