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Bigg Boss Season 13, October 27th: All you need to know

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Bigg Boss 13, October 27th Episode

Salman Khan opened the show with Happy Diwali wishes. Initially cleared off that, forget whatever happened yesterday. “Our finale is coming next week and half of the house will be eliminated”.Inside the house, Paras and Mahira were discussing the game and Paras says “Shehnaz surely looks cute in the way she behaves”.

Few stars come in to make the house fun-filled with games along with a kid in police uniform. Dhinkchak Pooja joins the house. First entertainment is the dance session of Devoleena and Rashami and they nail it. Later Shehnaz sings a song non-stop even when the mike was flushing water on her face.

Mahira, Aarti and Shefali were called up for a task. there are 5 circular-shaped blocks and when the third block is struck the person should land safely and not fall. Mahira makes a perfect landing.

Later two teams were created as Orange and Purple. they needed to run on a shaky, shampoo filled the jelly square and fill the container with water in 2 hands. Being slippery it was really funny to watch. Finally, the team Purple with Siddharth Shukla won the game.

In yet another challenge by Salman Khan being the festival of lights, 3 bulbs were attached to a cap. Every housemate can choose another person and switch on a light so that their brain opens and can think clearly. Rashmi and Devoleena had zero bulbs lit and are the winners. Salman Khan ends the show with the statements “Half of the house will be empty next week and new housemates will come. Start voting and save your favourite cotestant”

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