The Bigg Boss Episode 2 started with Sidharth Shukla helping Devoleena in the kitchen. The contestants are slowly getting in sync with the house its members. Abu Malik asks Arti Singh why she chose Paras over others. She said “I have seen Paras in Splitsvilla. I don’t know if he is right or wrong. Felt he is right, young and charming.”

7 AM Morning (Bigg Boss House)

Mahira Sharma feels uncomfortable as she sees Asim Riaz shirtless always. She keeps making fun of him along with Siddharth Dey. Asim said, “I never wear T=shirt / shirt when sleeping.” Finally, Asim wears a T-shirt on request.

7.45 AM (Bigg Boss House)

Contestants start sleeping and another set of people are gossipping. They were enjoying the first night at the house, so time to get some sleep.

1.30 PM (Bigg Boss House)

Contestants are sitting together in the open area and discussing things. Suddenly Rias talks about black coloured people and it slowly started to e a fight. Paras and Shefali break the fights and dismiss the talks.

2.45 PM (Bigg Boss House)

Rias is angry at Paras and is discussing it with Sidharth Shukla. Meanwhile, Paras is discussing the same on the food table with Devoleena and others.

3.00 PM (Bigg Boss House)

Ameesha Patel joins the house with ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ song. She is welcomed by all the contestants. She is taken to all the rooms and is angry about the messy bags in the luggage rooms. A Queen Bathroom is shown and the winner will have only the right to use it. Every week one winner will be chosen after the contest announced by Bigg Boss.


3.10 PM (Bigg Boss House)

Rationing will start after a contest. The first and last participant can use hands, the rest of them should transfer the thing, mouth to mouth. They start doing it with Food grain packs, oils etc.

3.30 PM (Bigg Boss House)

All rations are in the storeroom. Amesha Patel moves out of the house. Sidharth Shukla makes tea for everyone.

5.30 PM (Bigg Boss House)

While drinking the tea, Shehnaz announces her album video is going to release the next day. But its Bigg Boss House, no incoming details till the show is over or contestant is out. Shehnaz sings her song and Riaz gets a rap version of the song.

7.30 PM (Bigg Boss House)

Riaz and Paras are getting intense with the fight during discussions.

7.30 PM (Bigg Boss House)

Bigg Boss Museum opens up and Ameesha Patel comes with a stunning dance. She is back on the floor to give another spicy task.

12.00 AM (Bigg Boss House)

The task is for 2 boys who didn’t do work well. They will be given black hearts from among 5 boys. Girls will need to pick the person and make the guys shirtless. Girls can write their first impression on them with lipstick.

Asim was termed as short-tempered by most of the girls. Abu was termed very loud as he speaks in such away. Yet another task is the blindfold Paras and Siddharth Dey. Paras guessed all 3 girls name by holding their hand. Siddharth Dey got all 3 wrong in guessing.

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12.30 AM (Bigg Boss House)

Siddharth Dey enters the pool and holds Ameesha Patel’s hand. She is impressed with the romantic punchlines. Blackhearts are given to Paras and Asim.

Episode 2 of Bigg Boss 13 finally ends. There is more drama coming all the way. More tasks, more fights and more emotions. Watch the highlight videos below:


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