Babloo Bachelor is a Hindi language movie. The movie release date is 22 October 2021. It has Pooja Chopra, Tejashree Pradhan etc in the cast.

Babloo Bachelor Movie Story

The plot revolves around a youngster with dreams. His rich family is only concerned about his marriage. He falls for a girl totally opposite his nature. Can he get the happy life he is looking for?

Babloo Bachelor Movie Cast

  • Sharman Joshi
  • Pooja Chopra
  • Tejashri Pradhan
  • Mahesh Chandra Deva
  • Rajesh Sharma
  • Kamblinu

Director: Agnidev Chatterjee
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Romance
Language: Hindi

Release Date: 22 October 2021

Babloo Bachelor Trailer


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