Marvel Studio is just released the trailer for Avengers –Endgame, it is the move millions of fans are waiting from all round the world since after Infinity War. It is going to be very exciting that how this movie is going to be, as expected in the first trailer there is not much is revealed.

Trailer is beginning with the scene of a disappointed Ironman may be because of the death of spider man and in the second scene Black Widow and Captain is discussing about the distraction or 50% of the living creaturesand the end game. In the thread scene Hawkeye is on a new look. On the end scene they receiving a video message from their door camera first they thought it is from old records and then they realize that it is a live feed, the Antman is standing in door steps.

Can expect some new characters including the Venom in the Endgame. Movie is scheduled to be released April 2019.


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