Actress Taapsee Pannu recalls how she dealt with a molester

Haseen Dilruba actress Taapsee Pannu is riding success after hit films back to back. Recently in an interview, she recalls an incident, when a man tried to molest her by touching from behind. She is one of the boldest actresses and never shies away from taking such serious things. Taapsee Pannu said “We used to go to the Gurudwara during the festival and it had a large number of food stalls all around. It’s pretty common that, the area is always crowded. The common thing happening there would be that people knowingly or unknowingly will bump into each other.” She shares the account of how it exactly happened.

“It has happened multiple times to my close ones. Nevertheless, I felt that something similar may happen to me. I was mentally ready on how to accept it and go ahead if the things are unintentional. Suddenly, I felt that a man was trying to touch my back. It kept happening again and then I released that, its time to react.”

Taapsee Pannu opened up to Kareena Kapoor Khan on her show. She also mentioned that she was brave enough to defend herself and taught him a lesson. “I grabbed his hand and twisted his fingers as hard as I could. I made sure to evade from the place as the area was more local than inviting any more issues.”



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