S Shankar’s big budget movie 2.0 reached earnings of 490 crores even before the movie get released, the releasing date is fixed on 29 November 2018 Megastar Rejinikanth and Akshay Kumar are coming to the screen with the major roles. Lot of movie backstage professionals and technicians form Hollywood has been involved in this move so the viewers can expect a Hollywood movie experience. This is going to mark one of the highest budget movie in the history of Indian film industry, 2.0 production cost was around 543 crores and expected to be break all the collection records.

The satellite right of this move had been gone for 120 Cr, advance booking 120 Cr, Distribution rights has been sold for around 190 Cr all over India, Digital right sold for 60 Cr and in total 490 Cr. This movie is going to release in 1000 movie theaters at a time and it is going to be the first Tamil movie to get this achievement.


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